Everything we need already lives within us. It is the journey of discovering that, with mindfulness, which creates harmony and bliss.




Transformative Experience 
Emergence of Self Love 
Maintaining Awareness 
Holistic Healing  
Balance of the Mind and Body 
Inner Peace 
Ability to Connect with Your Inner Voice 
Practice of Non-Reactivity to All Thoughts & Feelings 
Feeling More Alive



Mindful Movement Strategy

We create a custom plan to help you achieve your wellness goals. This
includes Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle routines, recipes, and targeted herbal recommendations. In
addition, customized Yoga Therapy, embodiment practices, and meditation techniques. We break it
down into manageable steps and set goals so you can see results quickly and easily.
How does Ayurveda work- Ayurveda focuses on finding the root cause of illness. It works to prevent
disease at the source, rather than solely treating symptoms. We focus on prevention and wellness
through diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda helps you sync with Nature’s rhythms and experience mind-body

Get a clear picture of your health-
Understand the root cause of your imbalances

Co-create a wellness plan to find balance
See results quickly with strategy and support

So...What's holding you back?

What's holding you back from growing closer to your truest self? With our expertise and passion, we are here to help you discover that. If you are a woman that is ready to unlock your full potential in this world, wants to create lasting change to live a blissful life, and is seeking to discover harmony in your mind, body and soul, then Mindful Movement was made for you! Click below to learn more...